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Friday, December 16, 2016

President Obama's Final Press Conference of 2016

President Barack Obama gave his final press conference of the year today at the White House. He summarized the work done by his Administration over the past eight year, including his efforts on health care.

"When I came into office, 44 million people were uninsured," the president said. "Today we have covered more than 20 million of them. For the first time in our history, more than 90 percent of Americans are insured."

On foreign policy, President Obama said, "Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger, and more respected today than they did eight years ago. It is a situation that I'm proud to leave for my successor.

"And it's thanks to the American people, to the hard work that you have put in, the sacrifices you have made for your families and your communities, the businesses that you started or invested in, and the way you looked out for one another. And I could not be prouder to be your president.

"So even in a season where the incredible blessings that we know as Americans are all around us, even as we enjoy family and friends and are reminded of how lucky we are, we should also be reminded that to be an American involves bearing burdens and meeting obligations to others. American values and American ideals are what will lead the way to a safer and more prosperous 2017, both here and abroad."

Here is the complete speech, and also, the complete transcript from the Washington Post.

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