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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Statement by the President on the Stormont House Agreement in Northern Ireland

Statement by President Barack Obama

"I and Vice President Biden welcome the news from Belfast this morning that the political parties of Northern Ireland, together with the governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, have reached a broad agreement that paves the way for the continuation of Northern Ireland’s governing institutions.  Just as importantly, the agreement also enables further progress on dealing with the issues of the past.  

"I congratulate all the leaders involved who, once again, have shown that when there is a will and the courage to overcome the issues that have divided the people of Northern Ireland, there is a way to succeed for the benefit of all.  

"I look forward to the final ratification of this agreement by all the relevant parties, and to the continued advancement of a peace process that is leading to a better future for the people of Northern Ireland.  I also want to thank Gary Hart for his hard work in support of this agreement."

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