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Monday, June 17, 2013

President and Mrs. Barack Obama Address Youth Assembly in Belfast, Northern Ireland

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama addressed an assembly of young people at the Belfast Waterfront in Belfast, Northern Ireland today.

The president is attending the G-8 Summit Meeting in Belfast this week, while Mrs. Obama and her daughters are visiting Northern Ireland and the  Republic of Ireland.

Mrs. Obama talked about leadership and the importance of "honesty, hard work and a commitment to education."

President Obama talked about the peace process and the challenges facing a new generation of young people all around the world.

"You must remind us of the existence of peace -- the possibility of peace.  You have to remind us of hope again and again and again.  Despite resistance, despite setbacks, despite hardship, despite tragedy, you have to remind us of the future again and again and again," President Obama said.

Read the entire transcript here.

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