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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joe Kennedy III Speaks at Democratic National Convention, Evokes Ted Kennedy's Spirit

(Photo Courtesy of Brian O'Connor)

Joseph P. Kennedy III , a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts, spoke at the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC last evening.  He evoked the memory and the spirit of his late uncle Senator Ted Kennedy while introducing a video tribute to the senator.

Kennedy told the delegates, "This is the first convention since 1956 that we meet without Senator Kennedy, but make no mistake, he is here with us this evening.  I see it in the passion of our delegates, the character of the candidates and the causes that unite us."

Reminding delegates of the senator's strong support of Barack Obama in 2008, Kennedy said, "Four years ago, Uncle Teddy marveled at the grit and grace of a young senator who embodied the change our country sorely needed.  As we pause today to remember Senator Kennedy, we recommit ourselves to the learder he entrusted to carry on our cause."

Here is a video of Joe Kennedy's speech.

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