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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

President Obama Urges Congress to Pass Middle Class Tax Extension

Read the To-Do List President Obama has given to Congress here.

Before Congress leaves for summer recess, President Barack Obama is urging legislators to take action to help create jobs to help the middle class.  In his weekly address, President Obama urged Republicans in the House of Representatives to act on his proposal to protect middle class families and small businesses from being hit with bit tax hikes next year.

To read the President's weekly address in its entirety, click here.

To support the President's called on Congress to pass the middle class tax extension so the economy continues to grow the economy and helps create jobs for the American people, visit

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Addresses the 2nd Annual Global Diaspora Forum in Washington DC

John Hartnett and Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed over 400 delegates to the 2nd annual Global Diaspora Forum held in Washington DC on July 25-26, 2012.  The two-day conference was co-sponsored by the US State Department and US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Here are Secretary Clinton's remarks.

 "The gathering challenges diaspora communities to forge partnerships with the private sector, civil society, and public institutions in order to make their engagements with their countries of origin or ancestry effective, scalable, and sustainable," according to the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance (IDEA)

Several Irish delegates spoke at the forum, including John Hartnett, President and Founder of the Irish Technology Leadership Group, and Kingsley Aikins, founder of Diaspora Matters.